It’s become a fairly common story; a reissue label mines the depths of the globe to find the most obscure, forgotten classics it can, remasters the audio, and packages it as an easily digestible compilation for a new generation of fans to enjoy.

This isn’t that kind of story.

A play on reissue & crate digger culture, Outer Sounds From The Inner Loop by the Beltway Recording Company is what you'd get if The Numero Group crossed paths with The Blues Brothers. In the era of Auto-Tune and Fake News, Taylor Grant Bauley went the opposite route; he holed up in his garage with a 4-track and wrote, performed, and recorded everything on the album, omitting the use of any editing techniques, then credited it all to fictitious artists. The result is a sepia-toned album touching on styles ranging from 60's Psychedelia, 70's AM Radio funk, and Swamp Blues that fit together in a way that only a modern mind could assemble. Featuring era-inspired artwork by D.Norsen, secret weapon to Light In The Attic Records & Aquarium Drunkard, among others.

Dig in.